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Fleet Tracking and Monitoring
Real-time GPS tracking to monitor collections and status of vehicles. Assists in planning and optimisation of routes to ensure efficiency.
Customer Management
Manage waste assets such as bins across all customers tracking collections via RFID and logging service exceptions.
Collection analysis
Receive real-time updates on collections across all vehicles along with end-of- day an end-of-week totals reducing paperwork.
Service Exception Management
Report on service exception such as 'bin not out' from the field and provide detailed reports. Allow call centres to log customer complaints.
Weight monitoring
Receive real-time vehicle weights along and or bin collection weights.
Photo capture
Capture photographic evidence from the truck of service problems such as broken or overfull bins.
Servicing and Maintenance
Keep track of servicing with odometer and engine hour monitoring. Schedule services and ensure that all vehicles keep running smoothly.
RFID Collection Tracking
Identify customer collections using RFID technology to produce accurate billing and service information.
Bin mapping
Optimise bin collections and route management using standard or client supplied cadastral mapping.